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History of Naperville’s A Walk to Remember

Naperville’s A Walk to Remember began when four moms, heartbroken and desperate to find a way to heal without our babies in our arms, found each other through the Edward Hospital’s SHARE program. Carrie Wrona, Laura Morgan, Stephanie Fiore, and Amanda Albaugh started talking at the monthly meetings about wanting to do something to make a difference in our children’s memories. We had heard that the Walk existed in other areas, but not in Naperville, so we set out to change that.

Our planning began in May 2005 for the Inaugural Walk that would take place on October 15th (National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day) along the Naperville Riverwalk. We began by creating a plan for how we would want to use the money that we would raise. We agreed that it would be nice to beautify the existing angel garden at Edward Hospital – to enhance it as a place to remember and heal. We envisioned an opportunity for parents to purchase memorial items to be placed in the garden, which would continue to put money back into the SHARE program. We immediately received financial backing and support from the Edward Foundation and we ran with it. Four moms, in memory of our angels, collected corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations, advertised around the area, and dedicated much time away from our families to make this very special event happen.

We wanted to give families in the area a special day each year to participate in an event where they can share tears with other families who have experienced losses, remember our babies with love, and find hope for tomorrow.

On October 15th, 2005, over 300 participants gathered at the Grand Pavilion along Naperville’s Riverwalk. Words cannot describe the emotions we felt seeing that our hard work paid off. We pulled it off and raised over $20,000 for the local SHARE program! Of course, we would not have been successful without the support from Edward Foundation, our sponsors and donors, and most importantly, the hundreds of families who participated.

We also know that our special little angels were watching over us and carrying us on their wings the entire time…thank you precious little ones – Jacob Wrona, James Morgan, Mia Fiore, and Colin Albaugh.

Today, we are planning our 6th Annual Walk and have added more families to our team, who have brought so much more creativity and heart to the Walk. Our plans for the Wings of Hope Angel Garden have been designed and donated, and our dream is in sight! Truly amazing!

Walk Coordinators

  Rich & Amanda Albaugh
In memory of Colin James - February 4, 2005
Coordinator Years: 2005-2009
  Matthlas & Megan Berck
In memory of Elise Marie - January 23, 2006
Coordinator Years: 2006-2010
  Michelle & Scott Bohn
In memory of Madison Ann - February 8, 2009
Coordinator Years: 2009-2010
  Doug & Theresa Cunningham
In memory of Faith Maria & Erin Elise - October 16, 2006
Coordinator Years: 2009-2010
  Jim & Carrie Decatur
Alexander James - September 23, 2005
Coordinator Years: 2006-2007
  Desiree Evans
In memory of Reece Danielle - June 22, 2005
Coordinator Years: 2005-2007,2009
  Kelly & Christine Farley
In memory of Katie Elizabeth - November 12, 2004 & Noah James - June 7, 2006
Coordinator Years: 2007
  John & Stephanie Fiore
In memory of Mia Grace - January 17, 2005
Coordinator Years: 2005-2010
  Kevin & Ann Harms
In memory of Ethan Kevin - December 13, 2005
Coordinator Years: 2006-2010
 danny laurenzo Jim & Amy Laurenzo
In memory of Daniel (Danny) Vincent Laurenzo - October 15, 2006 to January 13, 2007
Coordinator Years: 2010
  Jeff & Marcia Matson
In memory of Justin Miles - September 18, 2003
Coordinator Years: 2005-2007,2009, 2010
  Rob & Laura Morgan
In memory of James Robert - November 13, 2004
Coordinator Years: 2005-2010
  Kevin & Jennifer Piket
In memory of Baby Piket - August 29, 2008
Coordinator Years: 2009
  Brandon & Gretchen Self
In memory of BW - October 1, 2006
Coordinator Years: 2007-2010
  Greg & Cheryl Stewart
In memory of Jennavieve Ellis - October 17, 2005
Coordinator Years: 2006-2007
  Hugo & Yessenia Vasquez
In memory of Carly - June 15, 1997 and Angel deJesus - August 8, 2004
Coordinator Years: 2009-2010
  John & Carrie Wrona
In memory of Jacob David - October 28, 2004
Coordinator Years: 2005-2010